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How does "Exclude for Same Item" interact with Basket Discount Price Groups?

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  • mcrmedical
    Thanks Brennan,
    Support has since confirmed it was a bug. The Basket Discount (Specific Products) Price Groups are relatively new (at least newly discovered by us), so I think it was an unintended consequence/oversight. The old Basket Discount Price Groups can't really have a specific product conflict, so there's no reason to use that type of exclusion. The newer (Specific Products) type can. We'll setup our Black Friday sales like we did last year. If/when the Basket Discount (Specific Products) Price Groups allow Exclude for the Same Item exclusions it will be a really great thing for us. It would for example allow us to run a 20% off BF sale for "everything except blue widgets" and allow that Price Group to combine (Exclude for the Same Item) with a valued customer Price Group for 10% off everything (including blue widgets) and allow those valued customers to shop on Black Friday and get the best of both worlds, but not combine them. There's an advantage to us for the discount to show as a basket discount instead of a product discount, which is why we were trying to use this style of Price Group. Even with this aspect not working as expected, the Basket Discount (Specific Products) Price Groups are a really great addition. Thanks!

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  • Brennan
    I'm seeing similar results as you. Using Exclude Item / Item Group does allow both price groups to show. However it does work when you exclude for same basket.

    I'll do some checking to see if this is intentional or a bug.

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  • How does "Exclude for Same Item" interact with Basket Discount Price Groups?

    We have customer discount levels and would prefer the discounts to show up as basket discounts, rather than product discounts, so we're trying to use the Basket Discount (Specific Products) style Price Group.

    We setup a handful of Basket Discount (Specific Products) Price Groups and set them up to be "Excluded for Same Item." The Miva 10 docs for the Basket Discount (Specific Products) price groups refers to the Exclusions info says that "This allows multiple discounts to be applied to the same basket, but not for the same item." But I'm not able to get it to work like I thought it would, and it's combining for the same item. I'm unable to use Exclude for the Same Basket, becasue it conflicts in situations where one item is a better price through another Price Group, but other items aren't.

    Does "Exclude for the Same Item" work (or work differently) when using Basket Discount Price Groups? Thanks for the info!