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EP Order Custom Fields module replacement

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    EP Order Custom Fields module replacement

    Is there any replacement for the EmporiumPlus Order Custom Fields module? Specifically it's ability to assign a fee or discount? The default Order Custom Fields are very lacking in this area.

    From Bill's docs:

    6) Response, amount, and taxable are used only if the field question/response will be used to assign a fee or discount. Response is optional. When the customer answers the question, their answer will be compared with the entry in the response field. If it is not an exact match (case sensitive), the fee/discount will not be applied.
    7) Amount is the amount that will be charged or debited. If you preceed the number with a minus character, the charge will be discounted from the order total. Otherwise, it will be a charge added to the order. If you put a % character after the number, it will be a percentage of the total (v5.000-5.016) or products subtotal (v5.017 or newer) as a discount subtracted or a fee added. You'll find this feature useful for adding a fee, e.g. for gift wrap, expedited handling, etc. You can even make it a hidden input that the customer does not see, nor can they change, to add a surcharge to the order for things like fuel increases. The discount feature could be used for a simple coupon campaign. Course if you need a more feature rich coupon module, we have one of those too. Beginning with Order Custom Fields module version 5.0150, you can have a customer entered amount. This would be used with things like donations. In the admin, you will put the ? character instead of a number. Do not put anything in the "response" input. Thus, if the customer enters 5.00 during checkout the module will see the amount field is ? and it will use the response that the customer entered to assign a fee. If the customer tries to enter a negative fee it will be ignored.
    8) Tax is checked if you want the fee or discount to be taxable, thus adding to or reducing the tax, depending on the charge.
    There are some drawbacks when using the percentage - it applies to the entire total even if some of the items shouldn't have it applied. For example painting an unfinished product it's great but if there is something that doesn't need to be painted included in the order, the charge is still applied to the order.

    This is a handy module but I also can see where (with a lot of work) something could be done with attributes and price groups but...I'm still trying to wrap my head around an attribute that needs to be a percentage of the product price and not a flat price.

    I wonder if I've already requested this as a Dream Feature?
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    I would say this would be well beyond the scope of custom order fields. You can add a custom charge via template code today and we'll looking at ways to make that easier. Here is an example:

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