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Volume price w/coupon getting basket not eligible

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    Volume price w/coupon getting basket not eligible

    Hi all,

    I manage a site that offers volume pricing on many items. I'd like to create a secondary volume pricing group that overrides the first one, and that can be activated by a coupon. I created it in Miva with no problem, but whenever I try to apply the coupon, Miva says 'Your basket is not eligible for the specified coupon.'

    I don't see any problems with the price group or with the coupon, and I set the new price group to have a higher priority than the default volume pricing one.

    EDIT: some additional info:
    - I found that part of the problem was that I have to already have an item in the cart that has the discounted price group applied to it (and it must have some prices set, just assigning the price group isn't enough)
    - removing the item from the cart removes the price group coupon
    - even with the coupon added (Miva gave the "your coupon has been applied" message), the price in the cart is for the default volume price group, not the discounted (coupon) one..

    Can anyone see anything I'm missing?




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