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OCST w/Shadows 2 - swap billing / shipping

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    OCST w/Shadows 2 - swap billing / shipping

    Hi all,

    I'm setting up a new store and using the Shadows 2 theme for the first time. I just tried going through checkout and I saw that the shipping address was first (billing hidden) even though I'd set billing as the primary address in Store Settings > Customer Fields. So I dug around on these forums and found a thread where it was pointed out that the Customer fields on OCST might have the 'prevent changes' checkbox checked, which mine did. So I unchecked it, and then I set the primary address to shipping and back to billing. Then I proceeded through checkout, and the address fields on OCST are a disaster now.

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 102145.jpg

    Do I have to revert OCST and then just change the template code myself so billing is first? Then do that on every page that might show address fields (OSEL, OPAY, INVC, emails, order history, etc)?

    Yes, if you need to change it so billing is the primary address you'll need to do the following:
    1. Change the Customer Fields setting under Store Settings
    2. Manually swap the bill to /ship to fields across all the pages.

    We have the default set for those fields to "prevent changes" so you'll need to manually adjust them.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
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      got it, thanks Brennan!


        Brennan I'm starting out on the ACAD page and am hitting a snag. I swapped the billing so it appears first, and I moved the 'u-hidden' class from the 'shipping_controls' div over to the 'billing_controls'. Loading up the page, everything looks good in general:
        However, checking the 'shipping info same as billing' checkbox doesn't seem to do anything (no fields get filled in, the section stays visible). So going through a test, I figure OK maybe no big deal, I fill out just the billing info and submit the form - but then it came back with the entire shipping info red and said all those fields need to be filled in as well.

        I know I can write some javascripts etc to handle validation and copying the data over, but I'm trying not to work against the theme, and/or screw up whatever validation it might already have in place. I feel like I'm missing something? There are a dozen or so pages I need to change, and I get the idea that if I do all of this manually I'll squash a lot of things the template would like to do itself?


          There should be an external script tag at the bottom of The Customer Fields Tab:

          Change the src attribute from this:
          <-script src="&mvte:global:clientside_url;Store_Code=&mvta:store:code;&amp;Filename=ToggleDetails.js&amp;Primaddr=shipping&amp;Shipping=D&amp;Billing=O"-><-/script->
          To This:
          <-script src="&mvte:global:clientside_url;Store_Code=&mvta:store:code;&amp;Filename=ToggleDetails.js&amp;Primaddr=billing&amp;Shipping=O&amp;Billing=D"-><-/-script->
          (I added the hyphens in the code to get it to post)
          Nick Harkins

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            Thanks SidFeyDesigns , that did the trick!