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Capture custom fields from the OPAY screen

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    Capture custom fields from the OPAY screen

    Is it possible to capture custom fields coming from the OPAY screen? I can capture them using the <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Write_Basket if I have a field on the OSEL screen and then I do the Write_Basket on the OPAY screen. But if I have my field on the OPAY screen the INVC screen will not capture the fields using the Write_Basket. I did find this information in your online documentation:
    When the customer gets to the Invoice screen (INVC), the basket record is converted to an order record. The basket record, along with any custom basket fields, are deleted. However, if you create custom order fields that have the same names as your custom basket fields, the values in the custom basket fields are written to the custom order fields with the same name, and will be saved with the order record. You can then view the custom fields by editing the record.

    However, I can't seem to use Read_Order because I haven't already saved the field to the basket - I would need to Write_Order on the INVC and it is not letting me do this.
    What I am trying to do is get additional information when a customer selects that they want Collect shipping. So they select Collect shipping on the OSEL page and then I but the custom field to get their collect information on the OPAY screen. If there is a way to capture this information on the INVC let me know or if there is a better way I am open to suggestions!


    Here's a code snippet from one of our developers that should help:

    Kind Regards,
    Tim Hilsabeck
    Technical Support II
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