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Partial Capture / Balance of Authorization of removed with

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  • Rick Wilson
    That's gateway dependent and as I recall that's a builtin limitation to how works. MivaPay would solve the problem by allowing you to create a new transaction for the remainder without having to store the card number.

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  • Partial Capture / Balance of Authorization of removed with


    I switched to recently and just discovered that I cannot process a partial capture without losing the rest of the authorization. I did not have this problem with Chase Paymentech.

    For example:
    $150.00 = Total Authorization to credit card upon Order Placement
    $100.00 = Total Captured for partially shipped order processed in Miva Admin.
    When I Capture part of an order like the above, the balance of the Authorization disappears. Miva Admin shows Authorization + Capture =$100. And the remaining $50 authorization is no longer available/visible.

    Does anyone else experience this?

    How do you Capture the remainder of the Authorization for an order?

    I understand MivaPay will resolve some credit card issues, but it seems to me that partially Capturing an order should not remove the remaining Authorization. Shouldn’t I be able to Capture the balance?