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  • Rick Wilson
    Availability Groups is the right path/process.

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  • s1b
    started a topic Assign Products to Customer

    Assign Products to Customer

    Is it possible to assign Products to a Customer / Customer to Products – they are specific Products that only a specific Customer can view or order.

    I have multiple Customers that have Logo Branded items that they order and reorder.

    For example:
    “Branded” Category contains all Branded Products.
    Product A1
    Product A2
    Product A3
    Product B1
    Product B2

    Customer “A” – has access to only “A” products in the “Branded” Category
    Customer “B” – has access to only “B” products in the “Branded” Category

    Only the Products in the "Branded” Category are limited/assigned to a Customer.
    The unassigned/non-branded Products & Categories are still accessible to Customer “A”

    I do not have to set it up by Category - By Category just seems to be a logical way of grouping the branded products.

    My only goal is that Customer “A” is the only one that can access “A” Products, and so on.

    I explored Customer Availability Groups – If I understand that process correctly, I will need to create a Group for each Customer and then assign the product to that Customers Group. I have over 200 customers to date that have Branded inventory (and the Customer list is growing.)

    Any ideas on how else I can accomplish this task?