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Subcategory with multiple parent categories

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    Subcategory with multiple parent categories

    Subcategory with multiple parent categories seems to be an ongoing topic. Has anyone been able to address this without having to create a bunch of faux categories? Going that route is not an option for this particular site. Being able to do something like this would open up access to using the Category Custom Fields which would make it easier to enter data into one location but be able to create a number of "mix & match" categories. Right now all of the subcategory links are hard-coded into the parent category header or footer. So so so cludgy.

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    I did this for one client; they've deployed it in a handful of stores. A module implements a set of top-level "master categories," and real categories can be assigned to more than one of them. The cost was a little high for a Mom-and-Pop store, but if your client has a larger business, they might be interested.

    I wonder if you can do something creative with Related Products? A product with related products is structurally similar to a category with sub-categories. Alternate page templates can be used to make these products look like categories. This would get you around the one-parent limit ... Hmmm, I wish I'd thought of that 3 years ago when I was doing the project for the other client ...
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      Anyone submit this as a dream feature?

      I run into this issue a lot when we are adding new products/categories. I have several subcategories that need to be in multiple parent categories especially around the holidays.

      We are currently using another module to do this that works great but I can't say if they plan on phasing it out eventually since it isn't available in the app store or their site. They have been nice enough to update the module if any issues arise with updates.