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Understanding what the GA4 Configuration does

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    Originally posted by SteveoSoule View Post

    Ok thank you. I am not aware of any other issues with the purchase or view_item events, but please let me know if you get any more specific details.
    Hi SteveoSoule and Nick I have come upon a site that letting me know that the new GA4 conversion is possibly over-reporting compared to their previous configuration.

    It appears that GA4 has been tracking orders long before you added the GA4 properly to Miva and to the adwords account. We are able to look at conversions in the past months and all dates still indicate the small amount of conversions in the GA4 account that we received daily.

    Now I am trying to determine how to get this information to appear again on the adwords account overview page, which still shows over 500+ conversions daily. We do not know where this information is coming from within GA4 and transferring to adwords, as it used to only transfer the small daily conversion amount.
    This might be more of a question for Google but perhaps someone knows what I might have missed. Is possible that I could have misconfigured the GTM? This particular store had Google AdWords Conversion Tag code on the INVC screen. The GTM does have the Google Ads Conversion Tracking with the Conversion ID and Conversion Label that matches what is in the INVC Page snippet (and in the AdWord account) and the Conversion Linker is configured. I'm not a fan of trying to get help from the Google "experts" but if this is what is needed it will be done.
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      It's hard to say what is going on because of the unique setup of that specific store, GTM account, GA account, and Ads account. Have you tried using the Tag Assistant or Tag Assistant Chrome Extension to troubleshoot the conversions? It may help to place a test order, review the Tag Assistant chrome extension output, review all the JS being output on the INVC page, and review all the network requests that are being sent.