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Help! Google Search Console: No URLs with a good page experience on mobile.

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    Help! Google Search Console: No URLs with a good page experience on mobile.

    In our recent assessment using Google Search Console, we've identified some pressing concerns related to Web Core Vitals, specifically the issue of "No URLs with a good page experience on mobile" (with an average LCP failing URLs load time of 3.4 seconds) - and this happens to be the primary source of our web traffic.

    Additionally, we conducted thorough Lighthouse audits on our Shadows RT/Cloudflare pages, including SFNT, CTGY, and PROD. It's worth noting that many of these issues appear to overlap, suggesting that addressing a particular problem on one page might potentially resolve similar issues on others. For instance, a quick win could be removing the Shadows RT global footer logo, which seems to be a straightforward fix.

    However, we must also acknowledge the existence of more complex LCP overlap issues that pose a greater challenge.

    Has anyone in the community had success in significantly improving Web Core Vitals, perhaps through techniques such as implementing Redis caching on the site or other strategies? Your insights and experiences in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, Bill Davis

    Adding Redis to your store will definitely help with improving Web Core Vitals, specifically page load. Typically when adding Redis to a store we see sub 200ms for Time to First Byte.

    You mentioned, removing the Shadows RT global footer logo as a quick win, but the current version of Shadows does not have a global footer logo. The only reference to the logo in the global footer is
    <link itemprop="logo" href="graphics/00000001/shadows-logo.png">
    which is used for schema. Also, can you explain a bit more how that would be a quick win in regards to Lighthouse scores.

    What are the other types of overlapping issues being found? Since Miva is template based it is more than likely if you fix one product issue all the products will be resolved.

    Nicholas Adkins
    Technical Training Specialist / Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]