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    Image Sizes

    So far when we have uploaded images for products or other parts of our Miva site (product pages, homepage, etc...) we have not paid attention to image sizes. We generally have using images from our camera that are approximately 3000px x 3000px. These are several MB files.

    I did some reading in Miva's help documentation and found that the Image Management section of Miva automatically creates downsized versions of this original and uses it for various places it might be shown in the site (with a much smaller file size). So, my question is, does it matter if we are uploading such large files? If so, what is a better size to upload for our high resolution images? Is 1000px large enough for any spot on the site? Also, should we consider converting files to another format than PNG...maybe WEBP?

    We want our site to load quickly and are willing to do a large project going back and replacing thousands of images with smaller resolution files...but it is a lot of man hours. So, before we do that, I wanted to check to see if it makes any difference since Miva already seems to downsize files and display the smallest file needed for the particular page/device. Thank you!


    AKAIK, the recommended image size for Main images is 1200x1200. Then use the image machine settings to get the size that best fits your template (usually 600x600). The main issues is using a 1:1 ratio for your images.
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      You are correct that for Product Images, Miva will generate the sizes it needs for different pages (category, Product and Basket). The biggest downside of uploading the very large 3000x3000px images is they are still using up disk space on your web server.

      I don't think there is much value is going back and resizing the old images. But moving forward, it may make sense to upload a more web friendly size image I think 1200px by 1200px is the largest size you would ever need, purely from a perspective of not trying to waste disk space.

      But from a site speed perspective, I would recommend you use Cloudflare as a CDN. They have image optimization tools where they will dynamically optimize images and even serve them as faster webp formats.

      Brennan Heyde
      VP Product
      Miva, Inc.
      [email protected]


        Ok, thank you both very much. That is great to know.