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How to change the display order on PROD page

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    How to change the display order on PROD page

    I just had a customer that confused the quantity available with the add to bucket dialog. I have a number of attributes, so the add to cart is low on the page. I would like to move the quantity available to right over the add to cart. I don't believe I can do that on the PROD page. Is this a javascript edit or is there an easier way to do this? Thanks, Bonnie

    I might be confused here but is it that you have a +- ability on your add to cart that they thought that was your inventory number? Maybe removing that ability is a solution?

    I don't think you can move the stock level message inside the form but what about just below the add to cart? That you can certainly do in the template code.
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      I believe this was a more mature customer that is not quite as familiar with computers. The quantity available is the first item displayed to the right of the picture, underneath this is three dialog boxes requiring responses for personalization, gift wrap options, etc.. Then the dialog box with the button for quantity to put in the basket. She was thinking that she needed to alter the first item, the quantity available, which is a non-editable display box and didn't see the add to cart button lower on the screen. It would just be nice to have the quantity available display closer to the add to cart button as now they are separated by a number of attributes.


        Yes, you can move it anywhere on the page. I added to the In Stock Long Inventory Message this: %inv_instock% available for immediate delivery. I assume your website is setup similar since it shows quantity available.

        On your PROD Template right above the button section move or add the long inventory message there. It could actually be placed practically anywhere on the page. On my website it looks like this:

        Availability: &mvt:product:inv_long;
        and here is the entire line of code <div class="x-messages x-messages--info u-color-blue open_sans_semiBold">Availability: &mvt:product:inv_long;</div>

        Hope that helps. If you provide a link for your website, it would be easier to see what you are trying to do.



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