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SEO Friendly Links? Is it possible

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    SEO Friendly Links? Is it possible

    We are currently using the CBS "SEO friendly" module. As many of you know, this yields the following *almost* SEO Friendly URL:

    What is really appropriate for SEO would be:

    Is there a way to get this using our current module? Or is there something
    available for 4.2 that will do it.

    Is there a module that will automatically generate a Google XML site map for our products?

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: SEO Friendly Links? Is it possible

    That isn't possible with the "SEO friendly" module.

    Thank you,
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      Re: SEO Friendly Links? Is it possible

      Yoiu might want to check out the sebenza SEO links module. you can have URLs like


      Those are about as SEO Friendly / user friendly as they come. Athough you can't have a category with the same code as a product - merchant won't know which page to serve, and will (I think) serve up the product page by default.

      Having said that, if you have LOTS of inbound links to page that are already indexed in google, it might be best to not change the link format.

      Yiou might also be interested in the template data feed module. does the XML site map as well as google merchant center feed and pretty much any feed that you want. Also great for exporting all kinds of custom fields and such.
      Mark Romero