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    StoreMan4 - Free At Last!

    Summer of 2001. Miva was preparing to release Merchant 4.0, and we raced to develop and finish StoreMan4 so we could offer it very soon afterwards.

    We burned enough midnight oil to power a few battleships, and shipped it - hoping that the response to Merchant 4.0 would give us a much-needed boost in sales.

    It did - and StoreMan4 became our flagship product for years. Along the way, we added a Pro version to allow customers to work on multiple stores.

    Those were the days. Yet, times change, evolution marches on, and what was new and thrilling is now yesterday's news. Miva formally ceased sales and active support of Merchant 4.0 at the end of 2011. We are likewise ceasing development, sales and support of StoreMan4.

    We know there are still some who are running Merchant 4.0 - in fact, we used it in our store until May of this year. For those brave souls, we would like to offer our product Free of charge. There will be no updates and we cannot provide support for it; however, if you are still running Merchant 4.0 you NEED this product.

    As a bonus, this Free edition is the Pro version which lets you manage multiple stores!

    Go here to get your free copy of StoreMan4:
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    Re: StoreMan4 - Free At Last!

    If you are still clinging to MM4 - grab this, it will become your new best friend.

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