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Desperatley looking for prehistoric miva empresa 3.9x...

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    Desperatley looking for prehistoric miva empresa 3.9x...

    Hello. I'm in deep need to make an installation of that miva versión into a new host in order to keep runing some 10 sites based in and old CMS we delveloped in the "olddays". We are strugling to set it up on the standar-alone with suexec but there's no way to get it runing.

    If anyone can provide me a manual or detailed procedure, troubleshoot etc that I can handle to the Sys admin helping. Also may be even a binary, because I have started to think that maybe the installation I have is corrupted or even rotten (its almost 14 years old)

    Anyone willing to help and share knowledge I will be more than grateful. Thank you


    Re: Desperatley looking for prehistoric miva empresa 3.9x...

    Empresa 3 will still run on modern OS's, at least through CentOS 6; haven't tested on 7. It will even run on 64-bit. It of course won't be able to make or support https connections, none of the commerce libraries will work or anything else that it doesn't do internally, but it will still parse MivaScript and answer requests.

    The install should really just be four steps:

    1) Put the 'miva' binary in the site's cgi-bin folder.
    2) Create a miva.conf along side the binary in the cgi-bin folder with the following base config:


    (Substitute the correct paths in for the mivaroot and mivadata directories)

    3) Add the following lines to that site's apache config:

    AddType application/x-miva .mv
    Action application/x-miva /cgi-bin/miva

    4) Restart apache

    If you need a copy of the binary send me an email.
    David Hubbard
    [email protected]


      Re: Desperatley looking for prehistoric miva empresa 3.9x...

      Great! Thank you!!! I think we may have skiped something. I'll send you and email and let you know how we did.

      Again, thanks for taking the time.



        Re: Desperatley looking for prehistoric miva empresa 3.9x...

        Thanks a lot! In fact I thought I had answered your quick response, but now I see I didn't. I'm sorry, something happened.

        We have followed your instrucctions and after some time we have managed to get here: now parse but nothing seems to work. What are we missing? Permissions, mime types?

        Again, thank you.



          I, too have encountered problems installing my older Miva Empressa version 3.97 on a newer Linux server.

          Everything worked fine - for ten years - on my old box. But it is going away and my new server does not seem to be able to run Miva3.97
          Tech support has suggested that the new Linux may not have the required libraries installed.

          Are they available - anywhere?

          miva3.97 was running on
          2.6.32-042stab133.2 GNU/Linux
          will not run on
          3.10.0-957.21.3.el7.x86_64 GNU/Linux

          I am hoping that Carlos found a solution, but this thread ended before he posted a result...

          Anyone else have any idea?

          Thanks, Alan
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