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CBS Shipping Supermod not excluding by state

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    CBS Shipping Supermod not excluding by state

    Our CBS shipping supermod isn't excluding shipping options by state anymore. Has anyone encountered this? I'm not sure when or why it stopped.

    I created a new shipping option (price table based). I had CBS acquire the method, and then I told it to only allow that method for certain states.

    Then I checked out and deliberately gave myself a state outside of that region, and the cart still showed that shipping option.

    I did a test on excluding by zip code, I only allowed one zip code, and sure enough if I didn't choose that zip code it wouldn't show me the shipping option.

    So excluding by zip is working, but excluding by state isn't

    anyone ever see this before?
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    Re: CBS Shipping Supermod not excluding by state

    Yes I'm having the same problem. Trying to restric California from Next Day Air. When I unselect California, then click update, then check again, California is still high lighted. I sent a ticket to them, just waiting to hear back.