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  • Stats.dbf Error Pages

    I recently bought and installed Sebenza's Fatal Error Plus! module because our store is experiencing Stats.dbf errors.

    I set up an email account on an external webserver that pipes the emails produced by the module to a script that can fix the issue.

    Unfortunately, the module doesn't supress the stats.dbf error so it can't send out the email to set off the repair script.

    I emailed Sebenza asking about this, and this was his reply:

    It is very possible that the error is generated before the Miva Merchant UI is initiated. If that is the case, than the module does not have the capability to be loaded. There really is nothing that can be done to the module to solve that issue.
    Is there any way to edit the Fatal Error default page? All I need to do is insert some javascript to have it forward to a page.

  • Re: Stats.dbf Error Pages

    Hope that you have already resolved the issue, but anyway. I can recommend trying the recover mssql program that automatically eliminates dbf errors. It is a good solution, if your database skills are not so high



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