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  • Miva-Linkpoint Maze

    We have been deligated to the Linkpoint - Miva maze of he said, she said.

    Unable to authorize payment: SGS-05000: Server encountered a data base error.

    Linkpoint says " There is something wrong with the customers card"
    Customer was kind enough to use 3 different cards.
    Visa, Amex and Mastercard.
    All reported the same problem.

    Noticed that our conversion rate has dropped to near 0 but our
    hits and people putting product in basket has increased.

    Now Linkpoint wants a log of what is being sent to them.

    They also said that there is a limit of 100 characters to product discriptions
    and that might be causing the problem.
    We don't use more than 60 characters for descriptions

    Question is "Where can I get such a log or what file can I send them"?

    I know this is costing me lots of sales.
    Any help to break out of this circle of incompetence would be greatly received.
    Please don't say "Get another gateway". We are going to.
    Sorry I didnt know about all the problems Linkpoint had before
    I started using them.
    Thanks for your help.


  • What they are asking is absurd. Tell them to escalate the issue to an API tech.

    The problem is on THEIR end.

    Better yet, dump them for a good payment gateway.
    Vic Vega - Wolfpaw Hosting LLC
    [email protected]

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