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Import V4 OUI Title Fields into V5

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  • Import V4 OUI Title Fields into V5

    With a little work I've been able to collect the Miva V4 OUI Title fields;HTMLTITLE,LINKTITLE,SHORTDESC.

    Anyone have a 'best practice' suggestion on how to include the data in a V5 store? I mean, should I setup custom product fields or maybe setup Meta tags?

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  • Re: Import V4 OUI Title Fields into V5

    HTMLTITLE is the same as the "Title" field under a product's META Tag Settings (set from Edit store>META Tag Settings).

    LINKTITLE will need a custom field and then you'd need to supplement all product links code to test for then write the title attribute. We've just used the product name - what a bonus to already have optimized titles.

    SHORTDESC's original intent seemed to be make it easy to grab minimized product descr. data for modules to use via tokens. Number of different ways to use it, so it's depend on what you want to do with it.