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Import Category Image Addresses from text File

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  • Import Category Image Addresses from text File

    I am finally getting started converting our Miva 4 store over to Miva 5.5.

    I am trying to import the category image addresses instead of having to go into each category and change them.

    Please tell me there is a simple way of doing this, because I can't find it.

    I already have the text file with the category code and image address ready, but the image address doesn't seem to be a field able to import.
    Brandon Lubbert
    Library and Educational Services

    A wholesale company for churches, day care providers,
    homeschools, libraries, missionaries, resellers and schools!

  • Re: Import Category Image Addresses from text File

    The new “add/update category from csv” module handles the “category title” and “category tree” images just fine.

    Just FTP the images to the mm5/graphics directory on your server and list the correct path to get to them in the import file.

    If you are using the old “Import Categories from Flat File” make sure you are selecting the correct “category title” and “category tree” column headers, I think by default they will be set to skip.

    Let me know if that helps

    Eric Foresman
    Software Tester
    Miva Merchant
    [email protected]


    • Re: Import Category Image Addresses from text File

      Hello Eric, I'm trying to mass import the "category title" images, and tested both methods as you suggested. I did not see either option available on my store.

      I'm using 5.5, PR8 v5

      Is this a separate module that needs to be updated somehow?

      Joe C.