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  • Accordion in Category Tree

    Why does the accordion.js not work inside the category tree?

    I've loaded all the scripts and css I need into the global header. I've placed the <div id="accordion"> and UL structure into the Category Tree Template. The results are a tree structure that is always expanded, just as if the javascript wasn't working. If I place the same <div id="accordion"> and UL structure into a Miva page it works perfectly.

    Does anyone know how to get this working inside the category tree template?

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  • Re: Accordion in Category Tree

    There would be no restriction in doing this...its probably some simple JS/CSS implementation error. Have you tried using a DOM inspector on it (i.e., firebug/web developer/etc)

    the only 'hint' i can think of, is that if its always expanded, then double check your 'inheritance' chain on the different category levels.
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