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  • Question About Multiple Storefronts...

    Hello all,

    I've been searching the boards for info pertaining to adding/managing multiple storefronts, and while I see the benefits of being able to manage all of my storefronts through one admin, I'm still confused on why I would want multiple storefronts on the same domain.

    For instance, let's say my current storefront sells soap ( – Then I add two new storefronts - store #2 sells screwdrivers and store #3 sells guitars. My understanding is that the domain names for stores 2 and 3 are piggybacked off of the domain name for store 1... so wouldn't the URL of the screwdriver store look something like this - ?

    Or is there a way for each store to have an independent URL where customers don't have to be made aware of the other storefronts we're operating?

    I just want to make sure I understand everything properly before I add a new store.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your time!

  • Re: Question About Multiple Storefronts...

    I have had a few clients that had additional stores because they had a wholesale and retail store for the same company. They had different content for the wholesale store that they did not want the retail customers to see and the wholesale side was managed by different people than the retail side so that worked out for them. Through the use of clever scripting they could have got the same result but since different people would be managing the two stores they thought it would be best to use two separate stores under the same admin. The reason then chose to use an additional store In the same domain instead of using two separate domains was because the accounts receivable could manage orders through the same Miva Admin.
    I think the original idea was so online malls could be created. Online malls used to be more popular several years back. The way an online mall works is you have one domain for example and then within that mall you would have a bunch of stores selling different things by different merchants. The owner of would then advertise and be responsible for a majority of the traffic for the mall and he would then pretty much for lack of a better term ‘sublease’ stores to anyone that wanted to be a merchant in that mall. If you have one company that sells all types of different products that are unrelated to each other you may want to consider an online mall but most merchants keep them separate.
    I do have to admin though, I cannot ever remember seeing a Miva Merchant store being used that way. If anyone has any examples of an actual Miva Merchant Mall please post some links.



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