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  • Gift Certificate Online or In Store

    We are starting to implement gift certificates on our site. We want to be able to honor the certificate either online (that's the easy part) and in our local store. The implementation for it to work in store has us concerned in how to handle this. We sell gift cards now in store through our credit card terminal now. This applies the purchased price to the gift card. When the customer returns the card is swiped and applied th their purchase. Has anyone done this for their particular instance? If so, how did you work this out.

  • To do that and combine it with your Miva store requires a Gift Card payment gateway. The easiest way would be to find out which ones your current POS and Gateway both support and have a module written to support that in Miva. It's reasonably straight forward but not particularly cheap.

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    • Has anyone come up with a solution? Inquiring minds would like to know.
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      • I was in discussions for an integration/module with a potential client for this quite a few moons ago. I think there were some API issues and deficiencies on the GC side that would have made the development a little more intense than the client was comfortable with. I really don't remember any of the details except the workarounds were going to cause time lags and/or manual entry to keep GC balances in sync. Doing everything manually would have been a more cost-effective solution.

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