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9.00065 was there, now missing.

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  • I do have a question - circling back to how I came up with my own theory - the site that had the error was a copy of a site that was MMUI but had the converter run on it. This particular site had a second dev site, that had the same content as the one that failed with the only difference being it was still MMUI - why did it not have the same error when the update was run? I did notice that it was an older version 9.000053 (maybe). It was old enough to trigger a non-compliance fee. It ran through the update without hesitation. I was expecting to have to submit support requests on both of them.
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    • If it had been sitting around a long time, then it probably never had new database tables created on a server that differed in character set from where it began life.
      David Hubbard
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