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Any Reason for Us to Use Amazon Marketplace in Miva

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  • Any Reason for Us to Use Amazon Marketplace in Miva

    We already selling on Amazon. We also have T-Hub installed so our orders from Amazon already synch to our Quickbooks. When I was first looking at setting up Miva's Amazon marketplace, I thought it would be great, that I wouldn't have to enter products in two different locations. That seems to not be true. You have to still create the product on Amazon and then link the two. We also don't care about sharing inventory numbers between Amazon and Miva.

    Does anyone see another reason to use this feature that I am not thinking of?

    Thanks all for your input.


  • It sounds like in your use case, possibly not.

    Yes it's a bummer there's no way to avoid the ASIN/Amazon SKU creation process on Amazon (if there becomes one we'll implement it), but right now the reasons to use the implementation would be:

    1. Controlling inventory via Miva (especially if you add new stock as it comes in via Miva)
    2. Downloading your Amazon orders into Miva for order processing
    3. Setting price and other variables via Miva.

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]