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How to Exclude a Product from the Sitemap Feed

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  • How to Exclude a Product from the Sitemap Feed

    We have some products that are only available to certain price groups. When I run the Google Sitemap Feed, though, it adds these products to the sitemap xml file. If someone tries to go to these product pages, they will just get a Not Found Product Not Available error since the products are hidden unless logged into the price group. Right now I'm having to go in by hand and edit the sitemap xml file to remove these products. I know there is a Sitemap Exclude item, but it only works for Pages, not individual products. Is there a way I can mark individual products for exclusion from the Sitemap Feed?


  • Miva's feed-based sitemap module works great but certain aspects of it are inflexible. I don't think there's necessarily a setting available to accomplish what you're trying to do. I imagine there may be at some point in the future though.

    In the past, we've taken the sitemap module from Miva's limited source kit and customized it for any of our specific needs. In this case, it could be customized to look at a custom product field that identifies products that should be suppressed from the sitemap.

    There may be a more roundabout approach that could get this working for you without the need to spin up your own module, but I can't think of it at the moment.
    Justin Sims
    Cleveland Area - Code and Design