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Price list for customers with discounts that vary per product line

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  • Price list for customers with discounts that vary per product line

    We have been asked by a couple of customers to generate a price list for them. Normally, this would not be difficult, but in these cases they have discounts that vary based on the product line they order, and we have over 60k products in our system and a dozen or more product lines. Is there a relatively straightforward way to calculate a particular customer's price for each product via Mivascript? I'm rather certain there is no way through the admin or via any currently available modules. Writing a small module for ourselves is no problem since we have done this for a lot of the detailed data for our products. I'm just looking for a way that I can spend the time pretty much once, so that when we get asked again in the future, it is a simple matter. I know how to brute force it using data directly from the database, but there is a fair amount of effort there that would need to be repeated each time.

  • Something like this could likely be done using a spreadsheet. Off the top of my head, the spreadsheet would have columns for products and base prices. Then each discount gets it's own column with the intended discount using a formula, ie; base price - 10%. You could organize your spreadsheet based on product lines also.

    But, I think the pricelist could created on a real time basis when the customer is logged in. That's not so straight forward though depending the pricing rules for your product lines. Might be a combination of component module and smt.

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    • Hmmm....wouldn't basically taking the Product List ALL page PLST and just having line items or product/name work? Customer would log in, go to PLST. Format with "media=print" styles and put a pretty Print button at the top. The Product List array should have all discounts applied so long as they are not 'volume' or 'subtotal' based (i.e., they are product not basket discounts). You could probably put additional code in their to fake quantities for volume pricing.
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