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Automatic Email for Shipped Orders

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  • Automatic Email for Shipped Orders

    Using Shadows template.
    We enter UPS and USPS tracking numbers for 'order status' customer followup using emailed confirmation. I may be missing something simple but is there a way to have this shipping information automatically emailed to customer when entered?
    Thanks, David, SunOrganic Farm

  • Hello David,

    As soon as you mark an order as shipped you can also add a tracking number and a carrier to the order.

    By default Miva Merchant provides tracking links for FedEx, UPS, and USPS. When you mark the item as shipped, your customer will receive an automated email with the tracking number. The tracking number is a hyperlink that the customer can click on and go to the tracking page at the carrier's website.

    Also make sure that you have the Shipment Shipped email enabled. In your store admin, go to Menu > Order Fulfillment and enable the Shipment Shipped template based email.

    See our following help documentation regarding this for further information:

    I hope this helps.

    Miva Technical Support
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    • Thanks - but I'm afraid I need a little more hand holding. I do have Template Based Email module installed.
      I get to Order Fulfillment Settings and +Add Email - there already is one for merchant and customer order confirmation. I'm not sure what fields to fill out with what. 'Code / Name / From ........' Can you give me detailed instructions - or link me to them.


      • David,

        No problem. Here are some steps for you.

        For the code, put in: EMAIL_ORDERCONF_CUSTOMER
        For the name, put in: Order Confirmation: Customer
        For the From field and the Reply-To field, put in: &mvt:store:email;
        For the To field, put in: &mvt:order:bill_email;

        The subject can be what you want but the default is: Your &mvt:store:name; Order

        You can find more information here:

        And here:


        • BTW, you might it more convenient to gather shipping information into a spreadsheet or CSV file and then use the Shipping Status Import feature under Data Management. As an order's shipping information is imported, it will trigger a properly configured Shipping Status email.
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          • Thanks so much.... Plan is to get it set up this weekend.


            • Well............
              I set up as above as far as fields advised....checked to be sure exactly as above - and other email templates.
              Then - 'Visible for' I checked 'Customers' and 'Orders'
              Then Send when shipment () 'shipped' - I did not check 'created' - That's the only thing checked under bold Sending:
              Save - nothing else done.

              Placed a test order - received order confirmation email.
              MIVA Order Processing - 'create shipment' then 'enter tracking number' I checked box for 'shipped' / entered a USPS tracking number / drop down to USPS - Save
              On list of orders this shows as 'Shipped'
              No email about shipment received.
              Tried again - same

              Obviously, I'm missing something.


              • In the modal window to configure that email, there's a field called "Sending". Make sure the option next to it is set to Automatic.

                Don't know if it will make a difference, but in my store I only have Orders selected in the Visible For field.
                Todd Gibson
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                • Seems to be working - Thanks



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