We have been using the UPS custom integration from Viking for years. However, we are now finding that on a lot of our products we are not seeing sales because the UPS cost to ship them is insane. So with the release with 9.13 we are supposed to be able to let our customers rate shop as long as we are showing UPS's negotiated rates. The USPS is much cheaper to use. To that end...

I am worrying that the Miva shipping module may not handle the complexity of some of our orders. One specific product is giving me problems, it's a manhole filter. It is made up of 3 parts.

1) the skirt that holds a bucket in the center of a manhole;
2) the bucket itself; and
3) the carbon that goes in the bucket.

Part #s 2 and 3 each have their own box. However, if a customer orders five of these, all five skirts (part #1) will ship in one box up to a max of six skirts. Will the Miva Merchant module handle this? I have been looking through the documentation on setting up the shipping. I have a feeling that it might have something to do with setting up boxes and then assigning them to a kit? Am I wrong here?

Thanks in advance.