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Price groups not cascading properly

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  • Price groups not cascading properly

    I have a non Miva hosted site running up to date Miva 9, but still the MMUI framework (yes, I want to update it soon, but never get the time!). I have one or two specific customers that are assigned to a higher level discount price group that is not available across all of the products (I'll call it High). That higher level group has a higher priority and a deeper discount. They are also members of a lower level discount that does encompass nearly all products (I'll call this one Low).

    For these customers, products assigned to High and Low are displayed as the High price, which is correct since it also has the higher priority. For products assigned to Low only, NO discount is displayed, even though the customers are members of both High and Low. Per my understanding of how price groups work, they _should_ be shown the Low price, not no discount. I have set High to exclude Low on the same product only. However, if High is not applied to a product, it should not exclude Low if the customer is assigned to both, right?

    After several conversations with support over the phone and via e-mail, they could not help and suggested posting to the forums since it appears to be a functionality problem and not an operator problem, and they are not able to provide support at a developmental level.

    A few things they thought could have an impact:
    The price groups are Legacy (for the record, I tried changing to non-legacy and creating new non-legacy groups without achieving the expected and desired result)
    Non-Miva hosting
    The tags I'm using to display the price, though as far as I can tell they are correct - &mvt:product:formatted_price;

    Even more unusual is when I created two new price groups and started testing with a test user, after some playing with combinations, that user somehow is now being displayed a permanent discount - even when all price groups assignments are removed from them!

    All this makes it look like there is a bug in the system, but I am certainly willing to accept that I may have something amiss in my configuration.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

  • Not sure if this is relevant, but here's something to keep in mind when debugging price groups. If you have items in the basket, you might think that you can alter the discounts by changing the admin settings and then refreshing the BASK page. That won't do it. Recalculating discounts can be a complex operation, so the store doesn't do it except after a change to the basket contents, such as adding or deleting an item, or changing a quantity.

    If you want to force the store to recalculate discounts, instead of just refreshing the BASK page, click the Update button for one of the item quantities. You don't have to change the quantity number; just clicking the button will cause the store to recalculate all the discounts.

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    • Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't actually been looking at basket prices, but the price on the PROD page. I did add a product to a basket once or twice to see if it changed anything, but it did not.


      • Legacy Price Groups are available in CSSUI too - so that has nothing to do with it. Priority setting for the Price Groups is what is the pain in the ass with this stuff. What are your Priority settings for these Price Groups?
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        • I have attached an image showing the basic setup. I walked through it with the phone support guys, and it sounded like the priorities were set up correctly.
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