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How to set up wholesaler accounts?

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  • How to set up wholesaler accounts?

    HI Folks,
    Is there a comprehensive guide in the documentation about how to set up accounts for Wholesaler's? I figure it must be a price group thing, and maybe a shipping group, but I'm not sure how it all fits together.
    Also, there are many existing accounts that will need to be assigned to wholesale. But I wonder how things must be handled for new accounts as well. I guess a company can create a new account for itself, and then we manually assign it to the wholesale business account?
    This tutorial video gave me some solutions, but I want to know how all the pieces fit together...


  • The reason there isn't a step by step tutorial is that what is needed to support wholesalers varies from company to company. Price/Availability groups are just one component. Mostly used to control pricing (price groups) or access (availability groups). For example, if wholesalers can buy a 'pallet loads' but retail can't, you'd use an availability group.

    Unless you use some tricky SMT coding, customers cannot self assign to either type of group (nor should they in most cases).

    In addition, you'll need to make some accommodation for tax exempt purchases. There is an inexpensive (but VERY old) Tax Exempt module on, but this can also be done with some SMT coding.

    In addition, some pricing systems can't be done effectively with built in Price groups, but again, there are third party systems that can accommodate that.

    So, basically, you're first step is to write down what YOU need to support wholesalers, then let the community/miva know so you can be directed to specific solutions.
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    • Hi Bruce,
      thanks for chiming in.

      For the tax exempt module, you are referring to the B2B Tax exempt Module? Is there any reason I would not want to use it?

      What I need to support wholesale is:

      weight based shipping
      tax exempt
      40% discount

      Thanks again!



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