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    Customer Selected Additional Fee

    Is it possible to have a customer-selected additional fee as part of the product that is NOT an attribute? I know there is the Miscellaneous Fee module but it automatically adds a fee behind the scenes. The dying Addendum module can collect a fee but it is only available at checkout and not on the PROD page. Does anyone have somethat will do this? This seems like a rather old question that may have come up before but I'm not finding anything related to it.
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    There are several ways to go about this, however, none that are really clean and straight-forward. We usually just create our own using BasketCharge_Insert() function. You just create a simple array of the charge (i.e., Name, Type, Amount, DisplayAmount, FakeModuleID) and then run the function. The difficult part is you have to also check the basket charges array for changes...for example, if the fee is applied for a specific product, then you have to remove that fee if the product is removed.

    Be nice if someone would write an updated module for this functionality as it comes up more times then you can imaging...(meaning, i wish it would make financial sense to write one of these. We have reusable custom code that makes this relatively reasonable).

    Meanwhile, it would seem some of this functionality could be accomplished if the various Marketing features allowed you to also INCREASE or ADD a FEE instead of always just giving a discount. Most of the other logic is there. (i.e., Customer specifics, product specifics, price thresholds, etc.)
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      I have a small utility module that can do this. It can be triggered by Action or Screen codes to create or delete BasketCharges. You can PM or email me for details.
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