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  • Tracking Code - variant or main code

    Trying to update our Shareasale tracking pixel on the INVC page. It needs to display the product code for each item purchased. I can easily put in item:code and that's fine. However, if the product has an attribute, I need to swap and display the variant instead. I can find the option code, but not the full code with the attribute (I do not know the correct term).

    I have found so many code snippets my head is spinning.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    While on the subject, can anyone point me to a guide that explains the difference between the following terms:


    I feel like I am mincing things in my research.

  • If you really need to get the variant, you could use:

    <mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.success" value="ProductVariantList_Load_Product_Option( ttings:product:id, l.settings:option:attr_id, l.settings:option:id, l.settings:variants)"/>
    <mvt:foreach iterator="variant" array="variants">

    However, at the end of the day, the 'variant' is basically just a way for miva to track inventory at the attribute level by giving each variant of attribute/option combinations a single record to affix the inventory quantity.

    As for the item, group, variant, part deal....

    Items/Groups are just the array name of a collection of products. Miva could have literally called them anything (and one wonders about the meaning of 'groups'), or in a more sane world, kept them the same (i.e., "products:") through-out the store.
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