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  • Coupon Code on Variants Only

    We currently use the Emporium Plus Coupon Redemption module for our coupons because we've never had a reason to change to the built-in feature. Now that we are updating our store we thought we would make the switch. But in our test store we haven't been able to get coupons to work based on a product's variants. We need the ability to have the coupon only apply to specific attributes - not all attributes. Is this possible?

  • Maybe - are you using Inventory Variants? If so, you should be able to assign the variant product to the coupon. I have tried this so I'm sort of WAGing it.
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    • Yes, I am using inventory variants and I tried just assigning the variant but it didn't work and said the coupon wasn't valid.


      • To piggy back on this post - does anyone know any features in Emporium Plus Coupon Redemption that are NOT in Miva's built-in coupon functionality? I would really like to switch over a site since we are redoing it in a readytheme but I need to make sure it has the same functionality. I don't think I was ever able to get the coupons to work on inventory variants properly - should they work in Miva's coupon functionality?


        • The thing that has held me back from switching is that the native Miva coupon functionality does not have built in reporting. I rely on that to evaluate result of campaigns. But I just saw a comment in another post that Miva 10 will include reporting for coupon usage.
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