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  • Ability to upload pricing

    We are looking to be able to load pricing from our ERP system which shares the same product code as miva, but the product name field will not match exactly (limits in ERP system); so I want to be able to output a CSV with Product_code and Price and have it run as a scheduled task upload, but I know today that is not possible as the name field is required. Is there a way around this in the API or some other choice I am not thinking of at the moment?

  • Not sure if there's a way around the API, but you could, take the export from your ERP system and run it through miva (using a copy of the PLST page or just a blank page that has the All_Products function call) to grap the miva product name (using code) and outputting a new file.

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    • Updating via the API would be greatly preferable to product import, because the ERP system can posses the API key, not have perms it doesn't need, won't require a store account that has two factor disabled, won't potentially impact store shopping activity by a large singular import, etc. That being said, you should be able to do a "Updating existing products only" import with just product code and price, not the name, so that shouldn't have prevented the update.

      API you can use the Product_Update function supplying just code and price:
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