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Looking for feedback on TaxJar

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  • Looking for feedback on TaxJar

    Title pretty much sums it up. Considering moving to TaxJar for state sales tax calculations in a few months. Wondering what the experience of implementing and using TaxJar has been from anyone who has installed the new Miva-developed module and stated using TaxJar. Thanks!
    Todd Gibson
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  • We use it and it works well. We built our own custom desktop app to also call taxjar API so we can use taxjar with our CRM, avoiding expensive avalara. We don't use taxjar for reporting and filing yet, but calculation and collection works well. Miva module is solid but missing some features which we've requested (namely, ability to hear back from taxjar api the tax % rate, but we only need that for custom programming, most people wouldn't need that to be posted back to miva)


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      • We've been using the service for over a year now and have been fairly happy with the service. We began using the Miva integration as soon as it was available and it hasn't had any issues. We don't record the transactions in TJ directly from Miva as we have too many order changes after the fact that are done outside of Miva. We use StoneEdge for Order Management and have a csv created and uploaded to TJ each month and this has worked great for us. We use their auto-file for quite a few states and have had no issues on that front, either.


        • We have integrated and (semi) customized Taxjar on a number of sites now, including Josiah's (above). Feel free to reach out if you want further input
          Sabine Sharp
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          • Shout out to Glendale above, they did a great job on our custom project with Taxjar.



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