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  • ids
    May not have helped specifically, but this does supply proper and relevant context. The context, IMO, is that a web page of any make and model will always evolve. Mentioning Google, well, they are the major player in this "dance."

    et al; Regarding Miva RTs, as soon as you change one thing in a template you're responsible for them going forward. IOW, any potential RT update will override that change. That means you cannot simply do an update of the RTs when Miva evolves them. Further, as we know, sometimes those RTs will cease from evolving anyway.

    Until we can read the minds of Google management and developers, we'll be left having to react to the dance steps we needed to know before they were required. Specifically on deprecated Rich Snippets, who knew? And if you did, why didn't you say something sooner?

    All that said, IMO, Rich Snippets will likely be viable for a decent amount of time and there is no need for panic. Regardless, switching to isn't a mountainous effort. Am I right?

    Just trying to keep up with the Googles,


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  • GDesigns
    Hello, we have been updating a lot of those recently on older RT/Miva sites. In essence it simply comes down to older outdated implementation that should be updated to the latest. I am not aware of simple template code changes, those snippets can often vary by site and usually require human interaction to determine what and how things should be changed :) It's the never ending Google dance of change. Sorry, since that didn't really help you in any way.

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  • bonnie1525
    you may want to check out the following post in the miva forum

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  • joseibarra
    started a topic ReadyTheme Rich Snippets Code Deprecated

    ReadyTheme Rich Snippets Code Deprecated

    Description: We are starting (last week) to receive warnings from Google about the Rich Snippets code generated by Miva as being deprecated.

    Right now it is a warning like this:

    Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site: schema deprecated
    We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

    I think I read that code will be fully unsupported in March 2020 and then these warnings will turn into errors.

    There is in the PROD page a section of generic boilerplate looking hunk of code that seems to be the area of concern for Rich Snippets.

    Not an expert with SMT but the code looks generic/boilerplate and nothing specific to my Levels ReadyTheme or these stores.

    The Google suggestion is to convert the code to use and I am not sure how to do that (not even a Mini Mivite or smart enough yet). I've experimented and gotten close but still end up with at least one warning from the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

    I imagine this will be a complaint on every product detail page in both our stores and also Miva should understand that this could be a problem for every Levels ReadyTheme and maybe other ReadyThemes.

    I looked in the Miva App Store at the other ReadyTheme examples (View Live Demo) where Collosus does not seem to use Rich Snippets, StoryTeller seems to be using and all the others are still showing the old

    Does this mean that almost every Miva ReadyTheme store on the planet is going to have this problem and need to be updated?

    Come March I don't need Google sending me 50,000+ error messages for every product page.

    I opened a Support ticket where they acknowledged the problem and was told that our 6 month old Levels stores are now legacy and there will be no fixes/updates and we should hire a developer (5th problem report with that offered "solution").

    I don't feel we should have to hire a developer for this since it is not just going to be our store with this problem - every Levels ReadyTheme store of our vintage (and maybe other Themes) will have this problem.

    What about all the other ReadyTheme stores and if the code is generic/boilerplate does Miva intend on fix/update the code since I think whatever will work for one ReadyTheme might work for all (or close).

    Does anyone have a fix for Levels ReadyTheme they will share?

    Will Miva post a fix (the actual hunk of code) for non legacy ReadyThemes that I can test in our Levels stores - at least I can give it a shot.

    The code looks generic and boilerplate - is there a replacement for that piece of code available from some other Miva implementation that will pass the Google Structured Data Testing Tool?

    I will be happy to be the guinea pig for validating the fix.