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Older framework missing coupon entry field

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  • Older framework missing coupon entry field

    We have a client that is running an older framework (default CSSUI) on Miva v 9

    They have been using discounts but want to use a coupon code. Got the code set up, went to review, but no where to add the coupon on the cart. Followed the instructionsI found on how to get it to display by going to the BASK and checking off options to display the coupon block, but that option isn't available. I checked the other checkout pages, and no love on those either, thinking I could get it further down the process.


    I can't find any instructions on how to get the coupon block to display on the basket page - anyone have any insight?

  • Of the top answer - try rolling back the template code to see if the field might have been in an older version history. Also, check to see if there is code in the OSEL (or maybe OPAY) screen.
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    • Well dang it.
      I checked the rollback but nothing there (VERY old theme) - while checking other rollbacks noticed that "Point + Click" link. Clicked it and things magically appeared.

      Just in case someone else has the issue!

      Sorry for the firedrill.


      • My quick thought that could explain it. Switching to the P & C, I think, will load some default template code for elements that weren't modified. And, if running the latest Miva version, it will load the most up to date default template code from the component modules in question.

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