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ITEM-level numbers for "group:order:order_status"

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  • ITEM-level numbers for "group:order:order_status"

    Hello All,

    I believe I know the order status numbers at the ORDER level (e.g. 100 = "Processing") but I'm now trying to find more representations at the ITEM level.

    For example, for this field on ORDS Product code: l.settings:group:order:order_status .... I'm trying to replace "Picking" with another word.

    What is the number representation for "Picking"? (i.e. a Shipment has been created in Order Processing but not yet shipped.)

    Is there a single page in Miva Help that shows the entire family of numbers and what they represent?

    Thanks for any help here.


  • 0- Pending
    100 - Processing
    200 - Shipped
    201 - Partially Shipped
    300 - Cancelled
    400 - Backordered
    500 - RMA Issued
    600 - Returned

    BTW: I don't remember this stuff at all...I just type: order processing code meanings

    And get the answer. (Half the time its by some crack head named bruce @ phosphormedia :) )

    Bruce Golub
    Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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    • Those are the status values for Orders, not for OrderItems. As it happens, I'm doing a project this week that requires me to work with OrderItems.

      OrderItems may use some of the same values as Orders; but a look thru the LSK shows that they can also have some other values. The DB reference manual doesn't have a list of these, but I seem to remember seeing them somewhere. Maybe someone from in-house at Miva can help us out with this?
      Kent Multer
      Magic Metal Productions
      * Web developer/designer
      * E-commerce and Miva
      * Author, The Official Miva Web Scripting Book -- available on-line:



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