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  • Landing page setup?

    My forum searching didn't lead me to any threads with a conclusion so maybe we can get this one to the end.
    • The Miva system can do custom pages, all good.
    • These pages can have canonical redirects, spiffy.
    • Affiliate links can be detected when they arrive at Miva.

    So can we make a "private" page that only becomes visible when the correct affiliate code is processed? While also keeping the web search spiders off of it?

  • I've encountered some unexpected behavior in the gathering of the generated values from Miva Merchant, so that part of this has been frustrating.

    But I did test the structure of the generated affiliate link a bit.

    For our store by default the affiliate link looks essentially like this:
    As is this link will take the browser to the main page of the storefront and append the 'testTag' in the affiliate position.

    I made a minor modification and came up with this:
    The key difference is the "Screen" this is the id of a separate page in the store, and when the url is parsed by Miva the browser is automatically guided to the desired page instead of the store front.

    Earth shattering this is not, but it does make it a lot easier to have the affiliate links go to a landing page w/o a lot of extra hacking.



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