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Volume Price Export for price Updates

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    Volume Price Export for price Updates

    I need to increase prices 10% across the board for my products. The main products are simple enough with my spreadsheet and import. But I need to update the volume prices as well. Not so easy when there is no export. Or can we export the Volume Prices via Feed Template and/or Toolkit?

    In the meantime, I am trying to dig into the tables (I found s01_VolumeDiscountOverrides table, which appears to be where the rates are stored). However, I am not the greatest on SQL joins to get the product code from the product id.

    Any thoughts?

    I am happy to say I figured out the SQL statement so I could export directly from the database. If anyone is interested (and is brave enough), here is my SQL statement, with several caveats:

    1. You must lookup your price group ID for your volume pricing (29 in our case)
    2. We only use the same 3 levels of price break quantities across all products, (2, 21, 51)
    3. This will combine all rows by product so that each tier is together

    This will allow you to follow the import format on the following miva doc:

    4. Your mileage may vary
    5. Some assembly required
    6. If you are not tech savy, hire a Miva developer to do this for you

    GROUP_CONCAT(pv.amount) AS '2,21,51'
    FROM s01_Products as p
    LEFT JOIN s01_VolumeDiscountOverrides AS pv
    ON = pv.product_id
    WHERE pv.pgrp_id = 29
    GROUP BY pv.product_id
    ORDER BY p.code ASC;


      If anyone would like a process that's easier -- and less likely to damage your database if you make a typ --, I have a volume discount module with several types of imports and exports built-in.
      Kent Multer
      Magic Metal Productions
      * Web developer/designer
      * E-commerce and Miva
      * Author, The Official Miva Web Scripting Book -- available on-line: