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Pop-up Email Capture - What others are using

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    Pop-up Email Capture - What others are using

    We are researching implementing a pop-up email capture (sign up today and receive free product or percentage off) when customers come to our site this year. Just curious as if others use a 3rd party program or set it up themselves. Also, any pros and cons of doing this? Obviously, we would want it on their first initial page visit, and not popping up throughout entire site, or if they are regular repeating customers.

    Any info or ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Re: Pop-up Email Capture - What others are using

    I can only give my personal impression of giving me a pop up request for an email address despite the goodies in return on my very first visit to a web site. Thumbs down. Well, caveat...if the offer is not front and center obstructing my view and stationary along the side or bottom, than I can live with it I guess.

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      Re: Pop-up Email Capture - What others are using

      I'll agree with Scot for the most part. Especially popping up RIGHT as I'm looking at the home page. Better to, as he put it, make the offer a 'side bar' or wait until they at least look at a product (and then give them a discount on THAT product).

      As for tools to create one, there isn't an off the self solution because this CAN be done with the built in existing code by a good integrator (which means, few would pay a paltry $20/30 for a drop in solution).
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