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Would like to clen up server space

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    Would like to clen up server space

    Over the years of having a Miva site I have sever orphaned files and images sitting and taking up space on my server (around 20GB). I know this sounds like a dream, but does any one make a tool to help clean up a server to figure out what images and files are no longer being used ?
    Stephen Scheer
    Digital Visuals

    Re: Would like to clen up server space

    Not releasable sorry. We thought of making it a retail module, but couldn't find enough buyers. Even with the premium cost of e-commerce disc space.

    For images, if you are using legacy, its fairly simple to download all images, create a batch file based on a product export file that copies used images to a director, then delete all images from the server and replace them with the ones in the new local directory.

    I'm pretty sure the specifics are somewhere in the forum archives.

    Also, check your data directory for old log files (like MALF.LOG, ELF.LOG, etc)
    Bruce Golub
    Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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