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  • Wolfpaw Fraud Screening & Detection

    This module has worked pretty good for us as we use to get a lot of people attempting to abuse the system (and I'd have to manually check them all) but we have a couple customers who occasionally get detected as fraud - I guess because they share an account or have multiple locations or are logging into a shared server from various locations around the country? Not really sure but I though I could create a rule on MaxMind and whitelist them based on their email domain It didn't work and when I checked with MaxMind they said it was because the Wolfpaw module is rejecting them based on RiskScore but the rules are only affecting the 'Disposition.'

    I am not sure how Wolfpaw integrates with Miva - I searched using Phosphormedia's GPS and found no reference returned. I thought perhaps there might be a way to bypass the fraud check if the customer is a member of the Business Account group I have these users in. I'm guessing the module does it's magic unseen in the templates but figured I'd ask if anyone here has experience with it?

    I sent a message to Wolfpaw but he hasn't answered yet (only been a couple days) but figured someone else here might be using it so couldn't hurt to ask.

  • Wolfpaw's Jeff reached out to me so I'd delete this post if I could. I any case I'll post any resolution in case anyone in the future has the same question.


    • I can remove it if you'd like, but others may benefit from the solution if you want to post that too.
      David Hubbard
      [email protected]


      • Okay well I couldn't find an easy way to bypass using the Miva Business Account and spoke to Jeff at Wolfpaw. He took a look a suggested I might whitelist the IP's. I dumped the transaction list on and saw that there were about a dozen IP's. In the Wolfpaw admin it turns out I can only fit 7 IP's in the whitelist box so Jeff suggested I reach out to maxMind which I am doing right now and they are whitelisting the IP's for me.

        In the future I would like to see a way to exclude people I add to a business account, or a custom field or some other way to reduce the riskscore, whitelist or otherwise allow certain customers to bypass the fraud system inasmuch as that can be done safely.



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