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  • Zinrelo - Loyalty Rewards

    This company Zinrelo approached me saying they are a MIVA partner.
    Anyone have any experience with them?

    Thank you

  • Saw their booth last Mivacon.
    There will be an inbuilt Miva rewards solution soon, you may want to wait a bit.


    • Zinrelo are not very upfront about their pricing structure on their website and want to go on a fishing expedition about your business to give you a price.

      Viscott Limited


      • Yeah when I pressed them to give me a ballpark cost, their rep told me around 12K. Apparently they are under the impression we are all running multi million dollar companies.


        • Hi Pat,
          From what I know about your business, maybe wait for the build-in loyalty functionality. I think that would cover most stores that want to try a loyalty program (not knowing what all will be included). AFAIK it should drop any day now (I hope)
          We had positive experience with Zinrelo, but it truly depends on the client and their needs. 12K seems way over priced - not what we have seen, but who knows.
          Sabine Sharp
          eCommerce Strategies & Solutions
          Glendale Designs
          Support Desk


          • People interested in loyalty program solution should not only express their interest same, but any particular or unusual feature regarding same. This will help the MIVA development team gauge interest/demand, along with defining project scope.
            Thank you, Bill Davis


            • Points & Loyalty Program by Miva, Inc.


              The points and loyalty program for Miva allows you reward your best customers with points which can be redeemed for discounts off future purchases.

              This incredibly flexible tool gives you the control you need to setup a points and rewards program specific to your site, your products and your customers. You get product level control over how many (if any) points each product accrues when purchased.

              Then you have flexible tiered point redemptions rules where you can determine how many points can be redeemed on future purchases.

              Features Include:
              • Configurable point accrual based on price or item quantity
              • Ability to set when points are added to the customer account (ordered or shipped)
              • Point Expiration
              • Tiered redemption rules based on minimum point thresholds
              Redeem Points as a Payment Method

              When a customer has points to redeem, they automatically show up in checkout as a payment method. They can choose to redeem all their points or only partially, paying for the remaining amount via a second payment method. Points Promotions

              This app also includes a points price group which gives you the ability to run promotions on point accruals. For example, you could run a promotions which for:

              "This weekend only, receive 2x points on all products from this category"

              There are three promotion types:
              • Point multiplier
              • Fixed point amount
              • X additional points
              Points History

              Customers are able to log into their account and see a full accounting of their points history both accruals and spending, similar to how they would view their order history.
              Template Functions

              Powerful template level functions exist to allow you to display to the customer how many points they are earning for their current cart, how many points they have total in their account, and even programatically add points to their account tied to specific actions such as creating an account, signing up for your mailing list or referring a friend.


              Viscott Limited



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