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Catalog Data Feeds for Facebook/Instagram & Pinterest

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  • Catalog Data Feeds for Facebook/Instagram & Pinterest

    Has anyone created a catalog data feed that they are successfully using to connect FB/Instagram and/or Pinterest?

    My goal is to connect my Miva product catalog to Pinterest Catalogs and to my Instagram business account for Shopping on Instagram. Any miva-centric tips or reference documentation?

    I was hoping there might be a template in docs.miva since I would suspect this to be a pretty common request, but I couldn't find anything.. maybe this would be a good topic for a "How To" article on Miva Docs, or even a topic to explore at MivaCon. (I'd love to have a better grasp on Feeds in general.)
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  • I started one (for instagram) for a client before he/we deemed it too much work for the return. Main issue (like many other feeds) is that they are not very explicit about data formats. For example, whether html is really allowed in descriptions, and if not, what should be used for simple paragraph breaks and lists. but happy to shipped them off to you to play with.

    It just uses one of miva's standard feed templates. The feed templates are handy as they take care of managing the header, actual file creation and emailing...
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    • Another issue is that everyone uses different custom fields for the same things. So one "standard" feed template for each type will almost always need modifications. We have all types of feeds and use the marketing feeds as well but sometimes have to use plst style page templates as well.
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      • delcorsets We have done FB feeds before and I am pretty sure Pinterest (have to double-check). The easiest is to start out with your Google Shopping Feed and tweak from there. It's in essence all the same info that's needed.
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        • Just wondering if anyone has come up with a module or way to use the Marketing data feed data to work with Facebook Marketplace automatically? It looks like there are 6 or so other cart software companies that have integration.

          We finally created the feed to dump a csv file into a html page and established the connection with FB, and while it reads there are 93 items (all the items in one category we selected), FB has their own names for each header in the datafile (Ex: Miva is SKU, theirs is ID, etc). Is there a way to get the Miva names to match up with the 10 required FB names on export to the feed so FB knows which column is which?


          • Danceman, you have everything you need.

            you need to edit the feed template you are using to make your Facebook file.... you can “override” the column or heading names to match what the target desires. Just edit your feed and replace the text where you need to. Miva also uses “code” as well as “sku”, code in miva is required while sku is not. Just find the output for sku in your feed template and change it to “ID”. Make sure you don’t change the miva variable that actually write out the sku itself.
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            • Hi Kayakbabe,
              Watching the video, I understand how to edit the feed template, but it doesn't discuss changing or switching the name - so just to make sure I understand, would I change header template and match the Iterator for the data I want in that column?

              For example, FB uses "Title" for the of the product, Miva uses "Product_Name" in the header template

              Would I change "Product_Name" to "Title" in the header, and in the Iriterator is &mvt:record:name; ?


              • I've been able to get some of the feed working by doing what you said - just changing the header title to what FB wants and leaving the variables alone.

                Is there a way to modify the overall database to add another header for things like "Brand" and "condition"? I know I can use the google codes in the feed template but where do you add a googleshopping_brand column to the overall database?

                Also, we only sell new items, so is there a way to set the Iterator to just send "New" in text to FB when it's asking for "condition"?



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