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Anyone used SendGrid for email campaigns?

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    Anyone used SendGrid for email campaigns?


    We currently use Scot mail and our Miva hosted mail server for sending mail. Which has worked well but we are finding many of our emails are undelivered.

    And it looks like Miva is wanting to end email support.

    So I'm thinking of migrating to Microsoft Exchange for our email management. But this won't do bulk sending.

    Has anyone here used SendGrid?

    We have 60,000 subscribers and send about 1 newsletter a week.

    If anyone has any other suggestions of other service providers I'd love to hear.

    Facewest- UK Adventure sports Equipment

    Sendgrid is definitely an option I recommend. They'll do the proper opt in, automated bounce handling that doesn't false positive on auto responders or other temporary errors, and the emails are highly deliverable. Sendgrid probably falls in the "too big to block" category, but additional things that help your emails not end up in a spam folder include a return path that maps to a custom subdomain the recipient doesn't see which includes all the add-on sender authentication features like SPF/DKIM/DMARC.
    David Hubbard
    [email protected]


      Thank you.

      Any idea if I can get Send Grid integrated into our checkout to add customers who opt in to a newsletter, as we do with Scotmail?


      Facewest- UK Adventure sports Equipment


        Nope, but we do use Sendlane. They have great people, and platform.

        My issue with all of these solutions (including Sendlane), is that they are “primarily” engineered for the digital delivery of “boilerplate” content campaigns to manually created segments. The only “dynamic” contextually generated content I have come across by these solutions is abandoned cart. Wherein the systems dynamically generates a unique and personalized email for each individual listing their abandoned cart items -which Miva already does.

        All of these solutions lack “substantive” contextual behavioral based automation to not only improve the likelihood of conversions but increase the average cart value.
        Thank you, Bill Davis


          You might want to look into Mailchimp as well. Miva has the integration built and Mailchimp has been adding interesting advanced features over the last couple years. Your list size in in their sweet spot.
          Todd Gibson
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