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Sendlane Configuration Issues

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    Sendlane Configuration Issues

    I'm not sure if there are compatibility issues between Sendlane and Cloudflare or some sort of javascript conflict but since updating the store to Shadows 2.0 there seems to be all sorts of issues. Sendlane provided a snippet of code for a subscribe pop-up which was to be placed in the HEAD Tag of the site. Then they also sent a snippet that was supposed to display the form on other pages of the website. Each snippet included a link to the same js file (I'm thinking linking to same js file 2-3 times for the page would be a problem itself). Then I looked at the code snippet. The code snippet was exactly the same for each location. This would explain why the form isn't constantly appearing on the specific pages it was meant to. But to make it worse, the lack of displaying the form also seems to get hung up in Cloudflare.

    Another problem which I may have created is with the mobile version of the signup that I was able to create after I found out I could make my own form. I integrated it into the Global Footer placeholder that comes with Shadows 2.0. That form works very well on the desktop version but the mobile version is VERY touchy. If you tap it just the wrong way, it submits. You can see it at the bottom of this page under the Newsletter.

    I seem to be going in circles with Sendlane on this.

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    You could put Cloudflare in bypass mode, or use a hosts file to bypass them, to determine if some optimization they're doing is affecting the code but that sounds very unusual with normal settings.
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