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PSA: Ratings & Reviews by Miva

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    PSA: Ratings & Reviews by Miva

    Our stores utilize the Ratings & Reviews by Miva [formerly GD Ratings & Reviews] and we had ran into an issue where our customers were, at times, getting multiple Review Emails sent to them.

    Long story short;
    Since we have Dev stores created to run changes and tests, the Review Module on that Dev store would still function as normal since all of the SQL tables that the module uses were of course duplicated via the Dev site creation. So, customers for a little while after a new Dev store was made would be receiving two Review Emails, one from the Live site and one from the Dev site.

    Miva devs are aware of this issue now and are looking into it; I'm sure they will update the module to prevent this in the future.

    If you run the Ratings & Reviews by Miva module AND use Dev stores, more than likely you have shoppers that are receiving multiple emails.

    Is this affecting anyone or is everyone using a different module for their reviews / ratings?