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    Ultimate Address

    I am not sure if this is a Sebenza specific issue or not.

    I note that some customers are missing required address information. These may be old customers from before we added validation or perhaps customers added via the Miva admin (which allows you to create a customer without filling required fields). I can't tell.

    The result is that if one of these customers adds something to their basket, when they get to the OCST page the Sebenza Address book book block is missing (everything bracketed in red on this image).


    Until we replace the address book I am wondering where and how I can add a simple message, so if the address book is not showing (or perhaps if there is missing required bill/ship data though I imagine this would be more troublesome), I can add a message i.e. "Missing address data may be preventing parts of this page from rendering. Please click the Account tab and fill in the missing information or call us at ______________ so we can help."
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